pieces made of clay, smalls series, single copies

Crossover in ceramic design 


Sensuous and disciplined in design, fine as well as robust. Jeanne Koepp´s earthenware is strongly influenced by a number of cultures. Predictable lines are not found in this style. The surface of her Craquele work mirrors in its irregularity the CV of the Berlin ceramic artist. “There was no particular event that brought me to pottery”, says the trained midwife who was born in Dresden. She has had her gallery in Berlin since 1992. The influences on her fine but nevertheless disciplined design are however clear. “Morbid East Germany has some beautiful sides and has always fascinated me. This is reflected in the craquele technique.” Jeanne Koepp also gains great inspiration from her regular trips to her father´s homeland in West-Africa. 


It takes up to a year for her inspiration to filter through into her work. Most pieces are unique. Bowls and tea pots are produced in small series. Mysterious sounding titles for her work like “Boga”, “Gone” or “Tiva” for vases and tea pots are fantasy names. They may also be the result of a journey made by her index finger over a map which then paused over the name of a town; such as in the case of the italian town of “Tortona”.